BONT VOOR DIEREN: Stop the Namibian seal hunt


BONT VOOR DIEREN: Stop the Namibian seal hunt

22 October 2019
Bont voor Dieren
From July till December Namibia’s beaches turn red. Cape fur seals, enjoying the morning sun, are startled by hunters with clubs. Young pups were driven together and beaten to death, not standing a chance against the hunters. All this just to end up as a fur coat.

Bont voor Dieren has started its annual campaign against the Namibian seal hunt. The Namibian government allows hunters to kill 86,000 cape fur seals – often by beating them to death – for their fur. They kill pups younger than one year and up to 6,000 adult males, also for their genitals. 


The Eurogroup for Animals member organisation is promoting a petition addressed to the Namibian minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources asking for the hunting to stop. The goal is to achieve at least 10,000 signatures worldwide. 

They’re also encouraging supporters to speak out on social media using these hashtags: #sealhunt #namibia #capefurseal #protest #bontvoordieren.

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