How to invest in veganism


How to invest in veganism

19 September 2019
We have a look at how companies are responding to the rise in veganism and explain how investors and traders can capitalise as people around the world begin to reduce their meat intake and consume more plant-based alternatives.

Many food products are naturally friendly to vegans, like vegetables, which means the vegan market is already large. The global vegan and vegetarian market is worth over $50 billion, according to Euromonitor, and sales of vegan alternatives to meat reached $19.5 billion in 2019. 

Separate figures from US management consulting firm AT Kearney predicts sales of plant-based meat alternatives will grow annually by 20 per cent to 30 per cent in the coming years. The global meat market is thought to be worth $1,000 billion, meaning veganism still represents only a fraction of the market, but this gives the market plenty of headroom to grow. 

However, there is an expectation that today’s plant-based meat alternatives will only be the number one alternative to meat for a few years, with cultured meat – currently in its infancy – expected to quickly overtake plant-based alternatives as technology and acceptance develops.